Horse Training

Teaching your horse tricks and routines

Lusitano-Horse TrainingYou will enjoy teaching your horse tricks and routines.   Horses, in general, are intelligent animals capable of learning and remembering what they learn. Of course, some are more intelligent than others.   Some forget what you taught them soon enough.   Some need constant repetition.

The Lusitano has above average intelligence and will.   Those characteristics make training easier.   The Lusitano does not have any of the defects mentioned above.   It is a horse that learns well and fast and does not forget what he learns.   In fact learning new things is a challenge they enjoy very much.   They have an amazing ability to concentrate on things and remain concentrated on them.   Lusitanos are gentle, generous animals who are easy to handle and ride.

Lusitano-Horse TrainingThey like to please the person riding them, especially if the rider and horse have had a long relationship based on care and affinity.   Their high intelligence allows them to recognize a voice, a riding style and even the way a rider pulls on the reins and uses his or her knees on the horses’ flanks.   They are very spirited animals who like to exercise a lot.   It is well known that after these animals do not like to be inactive for too long.   After some time, out in the pasture or stable, they are irritated and ready to go to the point where they may be a bit hard to handle when ridden again.

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