Horse Jumping Score Guidelines


Horse Jumping Score Guidelines

Horse Jumping Score Guidelines formal competitions began in England.


Original Score Guidelines

    Refusing to jump or “Running Out”

    • 1st time— 4 faults
    • 2nd time— 4 faults
    • 3rd time— Elimination

    Horse or Rider Falling — Elimination

    Touches (without knocking pole down)— 0 faults

    Knocking pole with front or back hooves— 4 faults

    Any foot in the water— 4 faults

    Failing to start or stop timers— Elimination

Note: When the competitions began only one pole was used in each obstacle starting at five feet but then the horses would try to go under it. This is why more were added under it to fill the gap.

Modern Rules and Faults

    Jumping Faults— Refusal or knockdown— 4 Faults each time

    Knockdowns count when the obstacle is reduced in size length or height wise. If the horse knocks down a pole in the middle or something that does not change the obstacle’s size there is no penalty. When there is water involved and any of the horse’s hooves land in the water there is a 4 fault penalty but if the obstacle is over the water, there is no fault for landing in it.

    First and second refusals are penalized with 4 faults, the third means Elimination. A refusal which causes the destruction or modification of a jump will be penalized as a normal refusal with 4 faults and not as a knockdown, the team will also be penalized timewise with the time it takes for the attendants to rebuild the jump. After it is rebuilt they must try to jump it again.

    Time Faults or Penalties: One second or fraction of a second over the time limits is equal to one time fault.

    Combination Obstacle Faults: When it is a double or triple combination and the horse refuses to jump one of them, they must go around and repeat all two or three jumps in the combination not only the one he refused. Knockdowns are penalized with four faults for each pole the horse drops. An example is that if the horse drops two out of three obstacle poles the team will get eight faults.


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