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Where do the Lusitanos we know today come from?

Lusitano-Today and ForeverWhere do the Lusitanos we know today come from?   The Sons of the Wind have been close to disappearing several times throughout history.   Even though they were once considered the perfect war horses by many forces invading what we now call Portugal, politics, envy and fear brought them close to extinction.   The minds and plans of futuristic men and the hand of God brought them through so we can ride and enjoy them today.   For those uninformed, some time back in the Middle Ages, times of darkness, petty fights and royal whims, only three pure blooded Lusitanos were left untouched, two stallions and one mare.   All the other stallions, bearers of royal Lusitano blood were gelded and their mares were taken to Spain in an effort to improve Andalusian bloodlines.

Lusitano-Today and ForeverBy following extremely strict breeding rules, the Andrade family of Portugal managed to bring them back improving their looks and general characteristics beyond those of the Andalusian.   This led to a separation of the Iberian stub book in 1960 identifying and recognizing six animals as the perfect representatives of pure blooded Lusitano from which all registered animals come.   At the same time, three blood lineage breeders were also officially registered, the Andrade family, the Veiga and Coudelaria Nacional, which is run by the government of Portugal.   Today we find many Lusitano breeders all over the world but their animals can all be traced to the original three stud farms and the first six Lusitanos where it all began officially.

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